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The driver goes to work during his delivery day from the "Expeditions" section. This is organized based on 4 columns that are the 4 basic states of Vonzu:

  • A: Expeditions Assigned to a driver

  • R: Expeditions In Cast 

  • C: Expeditions Completed

  • I: Shipments with Incident 

The flow to complete a shipment or incident from the app is as follows: 

 Assigned → In delivery → Completed/Incident 

Shipments assigned to a driver appear in the first column: Assigned.

Only the expeditions that are assigned on the current day appear, not those of past or future days. 

Expedition(s) from Assigned to Delivery

Expedition(s) from Delivery to Completed

Expedition(s) from Delivery to Incident

Step 1: Pass expedition(s) Assigned to Distribution

How to pass an expedition from A (Assigned) to R (In Distribution)?

We can do it in the following ways:  

  1. One by one: using the “...” on the right, selecting “Put en route

  2. One by onesliding to the right. 

If the back office configuration allows the massive edition of expeditions from the app: 

  1. Selecting several expeditions at the same time: sliding to the left 

    1. We will see that the button below shows A (# expeditions) -> R which means, add the number of selected expeditionsto R (Cast in).

  2. Move them en masse: “A (All) -> R” which means, add all to R (Cast in).

    1. If the route is optimized, and only if it is optimized, this top bar is displayed showing the number of shipments, the start time, the total number of packages of these shipments, the time and the approximate mileage of the route.


*The orange arrow on the right passes the entire route to R (In Delivery


Step 2: Pass expedition(s) from in Cast to Completed or Incident.

In all the columns we have 2 views: the list view, or the map view, where all the expeditions on the ground appear. We can do actions from any of the 2 views. 

If we enter an expedition, we can view all its information: status, number of packages, address, call the final recipient and even review notes that have been indicated from the Back office. In case the address is wrong, we can modify the point on the map or the address completely. 

Through the (...) we see that Vonzu as such does not guide to the destination, but links with Google Maps or Waze to guide the driver to the delivery point.  

2nd step: Move expedition(s) from Delivery to Completed or Issue

Move expeditions from Delivery to Completed

We can do it in the following ways:  

  • One by one: through the “...”, selecting “Puer en route”.

  • One by one: sliding to the right. 

  • Selecting several expeditions at once: sliding to the left. 

    • ?We will see that the button below appears as R (# expeditions) -> C which means, add the number of selected expeditionsto C (completed).

  1. The required fields are filled in: signature or photo.
    The name, NIF and comments are optional.

  2. Click on “Complete

Now the expedition will have been moved to the Completed column. 

How to create an incident?

  1. Move expeditions from Delivery to Advocacy. 

We can do it in 3 ways:

  • One by one: Using the 3 points, selecting “Puer en route”.

  • Selecting several expeditions at the same time: Swiping to the left. 

    • ?Click the button below R (# expeditions) -> I which means, add the number of selected expeditionsto I (Incidence).

  • One by one: Swiping to the right. 

  1. The mandatory fields are filledin: reason for the incident.
    Photos and comments are optional. 

  2. Click on “Create incident

The types of incident will be determined by the incident states previously created from the Back office.  

If a driver makes a mistake, he can always roll back any action, returning the expedition to In Delivery or Assigned. 

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