How to create a driver

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Remember that drivers access Vonzu from the mobile app, from where they record the progress of their operation and provide real-time information to their Back Office managers.

Before creating our drivers, it is necessary to configure the vehicles that will transport the expeditions. If we haven't done it yet, click here 

To create a driver, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings

  2. Click on “Team” 

  3. Click on “List of drivers”

  4. Click on “+ Create Driver”

  5. Fill the fields with an asterisk and click on “Create driver”.

Remember that the driver accesses Vonzu through the mobile app, not from the desktop or pc version. 

Data configuration of a driver

  1. The username. It is the username with which the platform will be accessed. 

    1. The username cannot contain accents, spaces, periods or strange characters. *We recommend using firstname_lastname. For example, if the name is Raúl Moreno, the username should be: raul_moreno, RMoreno, or RaulMoreno.
      ⚠This username cannot be edited once created. 

  2. Name. This field is free, we can put the name and surname of the user or the identifier that you prefer. You can modify this information at any time. 

  3. Email: Linked to the user and with which you can recover the password in case you forget it and receive notifications about changes in your user. 

  4. Password: Must contain at least 8 digits including uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

  5. NIF/CIF, Telephone: Linked to the driver. 

  6. Vehicle (Dropdown)

    1. we can choose which vehicle (of those you have previously created here) is linked to our driver. 

    2. You can modify this information whenever you want once you have created the driver. 

  7. ⏰ Range of hours (Working hours) 

    1. Define start and end time. For each driver we can configure a personalized schedule in terms of working hours, including breaks and exceptions from the driver's profile once you have created it. 

    2. The routes will always respect the working hours of each driver and we can always edit them.
      ⚠ In case of optimizing routes, remember that the start time of the driver's working day refers to when he leaves the warehouse starting his route. We do not take into account the loading time in the warehouse. 

  8. ✅“Login enabled” 

    1. With the check in this box we allow or block access to the mobile app.

Edit the driver's account

From “Settings” -> “Team” -> “List of drivers” we can modify the information linked to each driver.

  • In the login information we have your data to enter the domain, user and password. The admin user can reset the password whenever necessary. Remember that it must contain at least 8 digits including uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

  • Login enabled”: With the check in this box we allow or block access to the mobile app.

  • Reset password on next login”: Mark the check if we want the driver to reset his password the next time he enters the mobile app. 

  • The data of the vehicle . We can modify the vehicle whenever we want. 

  • ⏰ Workinghours 
    To add an exception, click on “Add day of week (exception)” and configure it in this new line.
    holidays, we simply select the check of “Does not work”. 

Information Driver working hoursto optimize routes through Vonzu. Therefore, it is recommended that this information is aggregated and realistic.  

  • The status of theor deactivate drivers (remove them without definitively deleting them).

    • That is, if we have a driver 15 days of vacation or 3 months off, we can deactivate it and it will not be taken into account in the system, that is, we will not be able to create routes on that user. 

    • Inactive drivers are moved to the inactive list, available from the “List of drivers” -> “Show inactive” and, from there, we can reactivate them whenever we want. It is a way to hide the driver without having to remove it. 

⚠You will not be able to delete a driver with associated expeditions, only inactivate it. This is done so as not to lose the history of these expeditions and to be able to know at any time who made the distribution. 

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